So the TSA aka the Travel Security Assholes says you can only have 3 oz bottles/containers of liquid in your carry-on. Take a quick trip to any store and you will probably find a lack of 3 oz amounts of anything in the personal hygiene section. After a quick purview, many items such as liquid soaps, contact solutions, and generic travel bottles come in 2 oz, 4 oz, or larger containers. Now, I fly into Mumbai (or for you Colonial types, Bombay), which will have ample supplies of whatever I need. But for me it comes down to principle. Some federal agency deems 3 oz to be just enough not to blow up a plane, but one person who helped make this executive decision had to have known that no company actually make 3 oz bottles of anything except for special 2.75 oz moisturizer-spf70-facial rejuvenating-farm fresh-neutrogena cream for $9.99. Maybe I am wrong on this, but I do not think I am. Obviously, the TSA did not consult backpackers in their rules. I think that micro-managing to this degree contributes to the massive, current fear of...well, everything. And I will not be forced to live my life in fear. All I want is my 4 oz of Campsuds in it's special Nalgene bottle so I can stay clean and not stink. Is that too much to ask? I have touched the tip of a personal iceberg here, so in case you are actually reading this out there -yeah you- enough ranting on this. I want you to read more entries beyond this one. At least I am not bringing my meat cleaver set or personalized throwing stars, becasue then there would be some major problems, let me tell you! [see Prohibited Items]

I will probably get flagged on some government computer somewhere for talking smack against the TSA. Should these are my last words, I would like to quote George Washington:

"Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism and men with 3 ounce shampoo bottles."

End transmission.