Shimla, India
I have come a little south from McLeod Ganj to the hill station Shimla.  McLeod Ganj was a really cool little town.  The Dali Lama's residence was very modest, but the shrines within the complex were overwhelming.  There were statues, immense detailed paintings on the walls, and offerings scattered throughout.  All of it was perched on the hillsides.  Tall pine trees covered the hills, with taller mountains to one side, and valleys below.  This is a place I would come back to again.
I left and headed south.  On the same bus with me were two South Africa brothers, who I ended up traveling with for a few days.  We went to Tattapani, which was over-hyped in almost all regards.  The hot springs were puddles of water along side a roaring river.  There were baths at the hotel, but they were housed in a ramshackle building that looked more like an out-house.  Tattapani is certainly a summer destination.  It was clear that one day was enough time there.  But it was a little bit of an adventure to get there, and provided some uncertainty along the way.  It was an attempt to get off the well-worn path, so it wasn't all bad.
Further south we went to Shimla where I am now.  It is a cool place in the hills.  It was a former hotspot for the British and their influence is very prevalent in the town.  There are many old buildings, in British styles, there are trash bins, and restrictions on where cars can drive.  The vibe is much more laid back, which is great.  It is pretty cold here as we are around 6500-7000 feet.  The Himalayas can be seen to the north.
I went 13 days without a shower, so getting one at the YMCA was quite pleasing.  I have not done the math, but I think I have spent an average of $6.50 per night for sleeping accommodations since arriving in Delhi two weeks ago.  This is also good.  Overall, I am very happy with how things are going with my trip. I could do with some warmer weather though. From here I make my way down to Agra and the Taj Mahal.  I will probably post something once I get there. Later!