-Lhasa, Tibet-
I have made it to Tibet!  So far my trip here as been incredibly fun.  The group I am with is 24 people, but it is an incredibly cohesive group -except for one guy from Alaska who dislikes all of us "tourists".  It has been a blast traveling with all sorts of new friends.  Tomorrow we go to see Potala Palace, in Lhasa, which was the home of the Dalai Lama until 1959 (I think).  It is late right now, and it is illegal to talk negatively about politics in China, so I will have to write more once I get back to Nepal.  I cannot even access my journal, because it is blocked in China. I have to send this post in via an email.  China restricts access to certain websites, including those that host blogs, news, political, and information sites that may be detrimental and undermine to the government.  Enough said.  More once I get back on non-oppressive soil.