-Bangkok, Thailand-

Wow, I have landed in a new world! Bangkok is in Asia, but a million miles away from India and Nepal. It is awesome here, and this has to be one of my favorite cities. It is an incredibly rich city with so much to offer in both culture and entertainment. Bangkok is an amazingly developed city with huge skyscrapers, gigantic shopping malls, and efficient public transportation. I have found myself keeping very busy and haven't even had a chance to write in my personal journal. This computer runs off a coin-operated device made for a washing machine and it ate some of my coins so I will have to be brief in this entry.
In Bangkok I have visited many Buddhist temples located in various spots in the city. Temples here in Thailand are of a different sect of Buddhism and have their own still, which is much different than all the places I have seen in India and Nepal and Tibet (you will have to check out my pics when I get a chance to post some). I also got to watch some Muay Thai boxing, which is a form of Thai boxing that allows hits with feet and knees and elbows. Bangkok also is a shopper's paradise. There is a mall I just went to today, 7 floors high. The Mall of America (MOA) may have more physical space than MBK (the Thai mall), but compared to the amount of t-shirts, and cell phones, and shoes, and luggage that is sold at MBK, the MOA looks like a rummage sale. And the best thing about Bangkok is the transportation. I have saved hundreds of Bhat (the currency) by taking the subway and public buses. I can get anywhere in the city with a few cents and little bit of time.
I totally recommend Bangkok to anyone, because everyone can find something they like here. Between all the food, all the drinks, all the shopping, all the temples, and all of the rest of it, you can find appeasement for a few bhat.