-Sihanoukville, Cambodia-

I left Phnom Penh satisfied. Even though it was a depressing place in a lot of ways, I got some stuff done that made me happy. I mailed some stuff home for a lot less than I thought, including 3 different complete series of TV shows, every Kurosawa movie created, and 10 other movies. They should keep me busy for a while when I get back. I got out of Phnom Penh and went south to the beaches at Sihanoukville. There are a few on this semi-peninsular shaped area, and I chose the cheaper area, which I am sure has less people, but is quite relaxing. The lightning from the storms last night was really great too, and was the extent of the excitement while I was here.
I am not sure who is reading this anymore, but a few of you have wondered how that I could afford this trip. Well, I have been keeping track of some of my expenditures, including guesthouse prices. Here is a small breakdown of some costs for nightly accommodations:

India - 4.75$ per night

Laos - 4.15$ per night

Cambodia - 3.50$ per night.

Most places I stay are pretty basic, with a fan (no A.C. for me) and shared bathroom. But sometimes, like currently, I have a good room with a tv and my own bathroom for 4$. But with enough practice and low-maintenance needs, you can really make any budget stretch in Asia.

I think I may get my first taste of Thai beaches in two days as I head farther west. I have loaded up on some new books and am looking forward to my improved tan.