After I finished my entry yesterday I realized that I was pretty grumpy, tired, and had a headache.  Coffee!  I headed to a restaurant where I got a little food and some coffee and I felt much better.  I got some malaria pills and saved more than 100$ than if I would have bought them in America.  While eating I had a short, yet very pleasant conversation with a French guy.  He has already been to SE Asia, where I am going, and actually has an almost exact same itinerary for India (just on a different timetable).  He is headed to Goa, where I am going tonight, so who knows maybe we will meet up.  He instilled my faith in humanity again after the previous morning.  After eating I went back to my room and slept.  I stayed in bed for about 15 hours trying to recuperate. The malaria pills gave me vivid, and strange dreams, so I would sleep a few hours wake up and check the clock.  There is zero ambient light in my cell, I mean room.
Today I just walked around.  I dont know how far I walked but it felt like 15 miles.  Mumbai is a bustling metropolis, mixed with corporate advertising, colonial architecture, gigantic intersections, and car horns.  You can look up at a fading, brown, 1920's apartment building and see a ultra modern skyscraper in the background.  This city is a mix of influences like I have never seen before.  One thing I really like about it, is that it appears that when they built all these buildings they didn't just tear down all the trees.  Huge, green trees dominate the city all around.  Mix that with the old Gothic architecture and you have incredibly picturesque scenes.  You have shear beauty mixed with extreme pollution though.  It is hard of what to make of it all.  I saw a couple people toss bags of trash out into a bay near the Gate of India and it made me sad. 
Even though I did not get a personal tour of the city, I feel like I have gotten my fill.  Tonight at midnight I am getting on a train and heading south to the very southern area of Goa.  Once I get there I hope to get a beach hut and just relax.  Just...relax.  So I have about 5 hours to kill now and am not quite sure what to do. 
My next entry probably won't be for a few days, just know I will soon be on a quite beach, reading, drinking a luke-warm beer and reading a book.