After two days in Mumbai I had gotten my fill.  It is a busy city, and with all the traveling I have done since the beginning of the month, I was ready to just kick it at the beach for a while. Goa is a small state to the south, on the Arabian Sea Coast.  The train ride from Mumbai to Goa took 12 hours, but I decided to go to one of the farthest towns to the South, called Palolem.  Needless to say it took longer than 12 hours, more like 14.  The train was fine.  The one I was one had sections of 3 tiered beds, so six people would fit into each section.  I was grouped with a couple from America, and another guy from Europe somewhere.  We chatted a little until they got off in North Mumbai, where soon after a Australian and English couple got on.  They came to Palolem too.  We conversed about my travels and theirs (they have been everywhere).  Eventually we made it, to Palolem and to a paradise in India.  We had lunch together too, and chatted into the night before I headed to bed.
It is tropical here, with tall Palm trees and a hot sun.  The beach is nice, but incredibly filled with cafes, beach shacks, and Indian opportunists.  At night, the beach front is alight from one side of the bay to the other, much to my surprise.  Their are many Christians in this part of India, Christmas rates make it a bit more expensive this time of year - hence I won't be spending too much time here.  But I was able to talk they guy down to 300 r (about 8$) for my beach hut.  It is set back behind another set of huts, so I cannot see the water really when I open my door, but I can hear the waves.  So in my mind, I got the beach hut I wanted. The purple beach hut.  It has an attached bathroom that is sufficient, but highly unstable, as the sink is about to fall of of the wood it is attached too.  The inside of the hut is lined with a bright lavender cloth, with a large pink mosquito net hung over the bed.  It reminds me of a music box that might be given to a 10 year old girl, and when she opens it a ballerina spins in circles as the music plays.  I guess I am that ballerina, in my pink and purple beach hut.  I'm not complaining, I mean it was only 8$.  I cant complain about that.
I am going to spend tomorrow here also, just doing nothing.  I got up early today as the sun came up.  I walked the beach, drank some tea as I lounged on some pillows and read, and got a decent breakfast. I have now same in the Arabian Sea!  I felt very content and happy and I am glad I decided to come down here.  The sun is nice, the beer is good, and the atmosphere is laid back.
From here I will try and book a train to Pune and up to Aurangabad.  I think I marked em on my map, so you can see where I will try and head next.