Goa was beautiful, and it was a lot of fun.  I met up with Amo by chance, who I had met in Mumbai while getting some food.  He told me he would be in Goa, but I did not know he would be in Palolem (the beach I was at).  He was there with his sister, Nora.  One dinner we had was with Nora, Amo, and two Norwegians, and another French man.  It was some good conversation.  It is fun to think that maybe down the road I will run into some of the people I have met at previous spots.  In Goa I made some friends, got a sunburn, enjoyed the Arabian sea, and got some sleep.

After I left, I took a morning bus that was late to a train hub in the middle of Goa.  I got the train I wanted but I did not get the spot that allows me to lay out and sleep (Sleeper Class).  No, instead I got Unreserved Class.  This means every man women and child for himself.  I was crowded between many Indians that night/day.  I don't think my life will be the same.  People were sleeping in luggage racks, under the seats, in the aisles, on their sides on a park bench size seat, feet or butt in the face.  Every stop there would be a rush to get whatever seat was to be had no matter what, all the time vendors walk up and down the aisles "CHAIAHCHAHAI" and "PANNANAINAPAINAP" (tea and water), in loud booming voices.  This lasted for 18 hours.  I paid about 4.5 dollars to go 370 miles.  I had my palm read - I am very lucky and so is my wife, wherever she may be.  I was shown family pictures, business cards, I explained geographic features of the US, and was asked if Pakistan was the US's favorite country.  I quickly steered away from that one. 

Everywhere I go beggars cling to me, as they do all tourists.  On the second train I was standing there, waiting, when a small boy with a very lazy eye starts massaging my legs, and putting his head on my shoes, asking for money or food.  Now this sounds horrible that I would not give him some money, and I felt bad about it, but if every single person got one rupee who asked for it here, I would have given out 500 rupees in a week.  It is very stressful to be put in those situations constantly.  Trains here when you don't have a reservation are scary.

I am in Aurangbad right now, a smoggy, dirty city from what I can tell.  There are some ancient caves with carvings that I will spend the next few days checking out.